The details


You’re getting married!  I know right now you’re probably super busy and maybe a bit overwhelmed with planning all the little details.  And why shouldn’t you be? This is the day you’ve dreamt about for so long. So isn’t it important to make sure every one of those details is captured and preserved meticulously for you to cherish for years to come?  

Many people just think of a photographer as another check off their to-do list.  But think about it... You will be working more closely with your photographer than with pretty much any other vendor for your wedding.  Starting with your engagement photographs so you can send out save the date cards to all your guests, them being with you throughout your whole wedding day, and ultimately and most importantly - the final photos that you will be showing people after all is said and done.

So a word to the wise - think about that when selecting your photographer (whether that be me or someone else!)  Make sure that you get along well with them (you’ll want to have fun on your wedding day, and the photographer will be right alongside of you most of the time, guiding you and hopefully putting your nerves at ease).  You’ll also want to make sure you have someone who has experience and knows how much is involved in capturing a wedding correctly and beautifully.  


“Plan ahead, be prepared, and then go with the flow!” I’m pretty sure every single one of my brides has heard that general concept from me.  I believe in doing your best prior to the wedding day to plan everything out and be prepared.  I also strongly believe that a wedding day should not be a day of stress.  Unpredictable things will come up on your day.  Hair takes longer than anticipated, the flower girl has a meltdown and decides that she’s going to throw her basket at the groom instead of carrying it sweetly down the aisle (true story), groomsmen get locked in a parking garage right before the bridal party portraits are supposed to happen (another true story). Getting upset isn't going to change anything.  It's your wedding day, and things are going to work out fine.  Just make sure you can look back on it and remember being happy, not stressed.   



I believe in capturing raw, authentic moments as they happen. For this reason, a good share of my style is photojournalistic.  You should look back on your wedding as it happened, enjoying it with close family, friends, and your new spouse… not as a series of stiff, staged photographs.  However, you could call my style “assisted photojournalistic”.  What I will do is position you in an area or in a way that will lead to beautiful images and subtly guide you as needed to elicit emotion and expressions so you don’t feel like a deer in headlights, unsure of what to do. I work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you are able to be a part of and enjoy your entire wedding day experience. 


Investment weddings

I take on a limited number of weddings per year in order to give my clients the personal attention that they deserve, and would love to hear more about your wedding to see if we are a good fit for each other!

Your Wedding Investment, starting at $1999, Includes:

  • Wedding Guide with tips, advice, sample timelines, etc
  • Planning Meeting to go over everything in-depth before the wedding
  • Wedding day coverage
  • Professional processing of your photos & artist’s choice special effects
  • Highlights blog post within 4 days
  • High-res files via digital download

From there on out, everything I do is custom-tailored to suit your individual needs (additional time, second shooters, albums, etc).  Please contact me to check availability and for more detailed pricing.


I'm happy to offer a $100 discount for military/police/firefighters and off-season weddings (1 discount per wedding).

Destinations & Elopements

For all of you adventurers and spontaneous couples – I am looking to take on more destination weddings and elopements.  I have a pretty enticing deal for you if you fall into this category, so be sure to get ahold of me about your off-beat or destination wedding! (Bonus points if you are getting married in Hawaii, Italy, Ireland, the Caribbean, or in a hot air balloon – they are on my wish list of places to photograph a wedding!)