Meet erin

It’s actually pretty funny… Without a camera in my hand, I’m a fairly extreme introvert who would much rather be curled up with a warm blanket, yoga pants and hot chocolate than even consider the whole “going out” scene. (lucky for me, my husband David and my “all boy” 11 year old son Nicolas love hanging at home as well!)

So how does a socially-awkward introverted Pisces transform into an outgoing, enthusiastic wedding photographer?  I believe that people should work within their strengths.  And if you don’t know it- introverts (and Pisces) think… a lot.  And I believe that’s my strength.  I analyze.  I people-watch.  I have this innate intuition to pay attention to the right things at the right times and catch those fleeting moments that many people would never even notice.  At any given time, you can bet there are at least a dozen different thoughts running through my mind about what’s coming next, how I’m going to approach it, possible problems I can avoid, and how I can capture it all as creatively as possible.  I’m a problem solver.  And a wedding is a whole process of planning ahead and being prepared, and then adjusting and adapting on the wedding day as things come up or change.

And then, at the end of the evening, I buy an iced coffee, go home, back up your precious images, and then climb into the afore-mentioned yoga pants and my warm soft bed.  And all is right in my world.

A few other random notes about me:

I’m gluten-free.  And not because I know it’s the healthy way to live.  Sadly, it’s because my body decided that 30 years of yummy breads, cakes and pizza was enough and chose to fight me on it.  In 2016 I found out that I’m celiac, so that’s a whole journey in itself that I’ve been going through.  

Confession: I don't even have to order when I pull up to the dunkin donuts drive thru window because they already have my coffee waiting (mocha iced coffee with cream and sugar - I know you were wondering!).  The Chipolte staff are also quite familiar with my usual order.

I love all things soft and comfy.  Seriously.

I believe that bacon makes everything better.

And finally:

Wanderlust.  I daydream a lot - about traveling (and of course photographing those places!)  I have visions of being that free-spirited gypsy soul without a single care and an entire world at my doorstep, waiting for me to discover.

A Few of my Favorite Things